Voice, Breath, Songs

Vocal Classes-Old

1. Breathing Coordination MDH

2. Vocal exercises

3. Work on Songs or Speaking presentation

In your weekly session you’ll learn

  • Breathing Coordination MDH exercises
  • How to breathe efficiently for your whole life
  • Vocal basics Warm Ups
  • Awareness and self-confidence
  • How to perform
  • How to stay healthy and listen to your body
  • How to find your voice within and make it heard
  • Learn a Repertoire of songs You like
  • Work on Your Speech or Work Presentation
  • Group Work
  • Regular Concerts with Ariane’s class
  • Learn how to harmonies
  • Write songs


  • Self confidence
  • Presentation skills
  • Having fun while learning
  • Getting Comfortable in public

Where: In Seefeld, Zürich, Switzerland


Private Lessons for Professional Singers

In a few hours of training you’ll get:

A set of specific and personalised exercises to your voice before concerts

Tips on how to preserve your voice while talking

Tips to keep a healthy voice

Preparing your songs for your recording sessions

How to keeping your voice at best during long days of recording sessions

Personalized Vocal Warm Ups

Recordings: preparation for Studio Sessions 

In the studio: guidance during recordings


Send Ariane an email to decide if you’re a good fit! ariane@arianeleanzaheinz.com

* Classes in English, French, Italian & German