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January 31th 2018 until February 17th: The Private Lessons Series!

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January 30th 2018, Episode 61, First Episode of the Series of Private Lessons from Harry Palmer








January 29th 2018, Episode 60








January 28th 2018, Episode 59








January 27th 2018, Episode 58

Branding for Creatives with Justine Violante








January 26th 2018, Episode 57

Musicpreneurship with Carlos Castillo








Who has not struggle of putting out their music out there? It is every musician’s dream to finally land a deal and release their album so everyone in the world can hear their creations.

This is what Carlos and Ariane talked about in today’s episodes. They dive deep on what is crowdfunding and how to use it properly. Carlos provided all creatives listeners the principles he used to reach his stature. Enjoy today’s episode as we all learn how to connect with people that resonates with your music.

January 25th 2018, Episode 56

From running off Stage to Landing a Role in the Librarians with Ashley Noelle Jackson








Throughout the episode, Ariane and Ashley dig deep on how she got the role from The Librarian, what she did to pursue her dreams and her future projects. They also touches on the challenges of being a person of colors in the industry.

January 24th 2018, Episode 55

Body Image and Self Love with Leah Cevoli








During the show, Ariane and Leah touch on the sensitive topic of self-love and body image. Leah has been struggling with her weight for a few years now. She discussed the reason for her weight gain. They deep dive on how people can support each other rather than against one another. Let us all learn from this episode on how to love our body, accept ourselves and let go of our own insecurities.

January 23rd 2018, Episode 54

From Promoting Concerts to Working as an Actress with Leah Cevoli








Today, Ariane and Leah chat about her experience in an acting class, how it changed her mindset and prepare it for where she is right now. Listen in as we all learn that hard work is being notice, how giving up is not an option and the importance of saying Yes.

January 22nd 2018, Episode 53

Conversation on Mindset, Money and Purpose with Anna Goldstein








In today’s episode, we have Anna Goldstein.  Anna and Ariane discuss the struggles of creatives in finding balance in pursuing their passion and making a living. They also talk about how to address criticism by people close to you. Let us all find out the steps to achieving a life with purpose and profit.

January 21st 2018, Episode 52

How to Build a Tribe Around Your Mission with Steve Palfreymann








Musicians sometimes struggle with creating their music and songs. At times, they experience an artist block. How can an artist pass through that experience? Is it necessary for a creative to experience such? What can you do if you are in that situation? That is why, in this episode, Steve discussed the importance of an online community. He and Ariane spoke about digital tribes, what it looks like and how it can help others. Steve also enlightens the listeners of how marketing and creativity can help all artists, and how you can build followers that surrounds you rather than underneath you.

January 20th 2018, Episode 51

Get Started as a Filmmaker with Kathi Carey








What does it take to be a successful filmmaker? How will you know if this is the path you want to take? These questions were answered by Kathi. In today’s episode, Ariane and Kathi take us to the world of filmmaking. They discuss how to start producing a content, finding out if this craft is for you and know the ins and outs of making a film. Listen in as they take us to the wonderful world of movies.

January 19th 2018, Episode 50

From Radio Host to Landing a Role in Heroes with David H Lawrence XVII








It is never too late to try new things. This is very true for our guest who is in his 40s when he decided to be an on-cam actor. In 2003, he studied, attended workshop, get an internship and volunteered so he could learn what he needs to learn in this business. After four years of doing this, he booked Heroes. In today’s episode, listen in as Ariane and David tackles the challenge of a beginner artists face until now.

January 18th 2018, Episode 49

Getting Management and Starting Touring with Gaetano Ruggiero from Ragdoll Sunday








After two years of reaching out, putting up a poster and connecting with people face to face; a band was formed. Gaetano in vocals, Manny on drums, Adonis on guitars and Felipe on bass guitar; together they are the Ragdoll Sunday. In today’s episode, Ariane talked with Gaetano, Ragdoll Sunday’s lead vocals. They deep dive on what an aspiring artist should keep in mind, how to choose the people that will help you achieve your goals and unfold your love for music.

January 17th 2018, Episode 48

Radio Play? How-to with D Grant Smith








D Grant Smith talks about personal development and community building. It is about operating your life out of a place of peace and love so that your output draws the right people in to connecting with you. It’s all about “connections”; connections you care for. This kind of harmony changes the world, and creates new channels of success in every area of life. Discover how to get your single played on the radio!

January 16th 2018, Episode 47

The Show BUSINESS Explained with Bonnie Gillespie








Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. As a weekly columnist, she demystified the casting process for more than 15 years. Her most popular book is “Self-Management for Actors,” the curriculum upon which her teaching is based. As a producer and casting director, Bonnie specializes in indie darlings. Whether casting or coaching, she is passionate about leaving the entertainment industry better than she found it.

January 15th 2018, Episode 46

Auditioning for Musical Theater with Blair Goldberg








Blair Goldberg, starring on the Hit Show Kinky Boots on Broadway shares her process to auditioning for Musical Theater. Auditioning can be a stressful process, with the help of technology it is now very easy to gain access to the materials and know how to prepare on it. The production staff wishes you to do well. On this episode, Blair talks about her experiences and tips on what is it like auditioning in New York City.

January 14th 2018, Episode 45

Finding the Right Singing Teacher with Kimberly Larkin








Kimberly Larkin is the vocal teacher for the Musical Theatre Department at Long Island High School for the Arts in New York. She teaches in many schools and directs summer programs in the New York City area resulting in students that are highly successful. Kimberly is currently studying voice with renowned Broadway actress-singer Judith blazer. On today’s episode, Kimberly shared How to find the right voice teacher for you, why is it important to hire a vocal teacher and to remember the joy of singing.

January 13th 2018, Episode 44

Effective Social Media for Creatives with Ariane

Are you wondering why you haven’t had so many followers on your Instagram Account? Why haven’t you establish your position on Facebook?

Facebook and Instagram change every day. Everyone must keep up with the change and learn to be innovative. In today’s episode, Ariane will share the secrets on gaining and keeping your followers in Instagram. She will also teach you on how to be an authority on Facebook.








January 12th 2018, Episode 43

Make Each Photoshoot Count with Aurélie Ménard

Learn how to prepare, interact and build aligned images for your brand. Every musician has an artistic vision on how their brand be presented. Photographs if successfully executed have the power to engage your fans and those who may become fans. The right photo can spark the reader’s interest to learn more about you and your music or your art.








January 11th 2018, Episode 42

The Artist’s Myths with Maureen Edgecomb

On this episode Maureen Edgecomb talks about all of these fears and “myths” as she would like to call it and how this becomes a road block to our creativity. It is motivating to listen to her story and how she defied each one of these myths in her journey as an artist.








January 10th 2018, Episode 41

Touch Your Public with Your Art with Mélanie René

In this coaching session with Mélanie René, Ariane guide her every step in creating her ideal fan. For a lot of entrepreneurs, it is hard to pick a target market. So much more for an artist. Artists are always on the lookout for the right audience.  But, do you know who is your right audience?








January 9th 2018, Episode 40

How to Sharpen your Live Performance with Raphaël Noir

Raphaël Noir, stage magical worker, speaks about the basic essentials that enable you to capture and seduce your audience and how to work with your weakness and use it to your advantage. When it comes to connecting with the audience he says that, there are no generic solutions, you just have to dwell in the moment and be mindful of the reality of that moment that you cannot avoid.








January 8th 2018, Episode 39

Face Your Inner Critic with Ariane

In this episode, you will learn how to recognize your inner critic and its most common resistances. Discover all the obstacles to your success and to achieving your vision. The brighter and bigger your vision is; the most resistances and obstacles you will encounter on the way.






January 7th 2018, Episode 38

Adventures of an Independent Musician with Tom Smith

In this conversation with Tom Smith, we discover that audiences want artists to share part of themselves, something authentic rather than something put on. Favor must be earned and not curried.
On this episode Tom Smith, independent musician, you’ll hear how the healing properties of music can affect the listeners.








January 6th 2018, Episode 37


We are mostly independent artists and getting signed by a label is quite old fashioned because the industry has changed so much over time. On this episode Mané talks about crowd funding and how to build a community around your music.








January 5th 2018, Episode 36

THE HOUR GLASS with Karen Sadek

The “hourglass.”

Often when we want to break into something new we are just not familiar enough with the existing culture of that field to know how and what to do.

There are two universal constants as Karen Sadek describes them. They are like two halves of the hourglass. It might not seem so, but they need to go together. Find out how to grow as a whole and move forward as an artist.








January 4th 2018, Episode 35


On this episode Denosh talks about some measures that you can take as an artist to be in control of and own your performance every single time you put yourself out there.

As artists and particularly musicians we are focussed on the musical element of our performance alone. I mean, how often have you stood in front of a mirror or videotaped yourself singing or performing before you actually went up on stage to perform? This process can be really intimidating and scary for most of us, to see ourselves through the worlds eyes. This could mean different things to different people, insecurity about our ability, our looks, our talent and the list goes on.








January 3rd 2018, Episode 34

ENHANCE the QUALITY of YOUR VOICE with Gabriele Blasi

Gabriel wants to pursue his singing career. Sings on this episode and processes it with Ariane. They run through some vocal exercises to enhance the quality of his sound. If you are an aspiring singer, this episode is for you.








January 2nd 2018, Episode 33



January 1st 2018, Episode 32


On this episode Joanna Blein talks about all the elements that you need to identify your niche and promote it. Joanna is a creator, changemaker and fire starter, who is driven by deep craving to create, transform, and shake things up. The better you know yourself, the better you know your target audience and the more successful you are. Your success is linked to criticism as well as all the good times. Allow yourself to take feedback in your stride and learn from it also allowing yourself to be vulnerable to let people see you for who you are. Every tool you ever need to know your and create your community is within you.








December 31st 2017, Episode 31


This episode is a coaching session in conversation with aspiring writer Marie-Josée. She has always wanted to write a book that is an inspiration and tool for early childhood development. This episode includes some simple steps that you can take as a writer, artist or musician to get started and draw attention to your work.








December 30th 2017, Episode 30


Nigel Parry, a singer-songwriter from London, who lives in New Zealand, talks about how with only a little vocal training, his passion takes over and has enabled him to position himself to bring about change. He talks about all the different experiences in his life that have inspired him to write songs. The places he’s been and the events that have touched his life. Music creates changes and he makes it happen.








December 29th 2017, Episode 29:


The things that we fear the most as artists are rejection and failure. Stepping out of our comfort zones can be extremely threatening but the outcome is glorious. We learn, we grow and truly evolve in the process. Ayanna Sealey talks about her transition from being a performing artist to a mental performance coach. The techniques and methods she employs in helping her clients and highlights some of her challenges and gratifying moments.








December 28th 2017, Episode 28:


Since his debut album The Middle Way, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter/performer/producer Shane Alexander has shaped a distinctive career for himself.  Touring the US and 11 other countries – both as a headliner, and as support for Bon Iver, Jewel, John Hiatt, Suzanne Vega, Seal, Styx and Yes, the fiercely independent artist has developed a loyal international fanbase, licensed his original music to appear in over 100 television shows, films and commercials, and recently crossed 16 million streams on Spotify.  Shane shares how he got there and how to make it as independent musician.








December 27th 2017, Episode 27

Judy Rafat, Canadian protégé and friend of the world-famous bebop trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie, is undoubtedly one of the best jazz singers of our time. There are so many things to be done as an independent artist. On this episode Ariane helps Judy organise her work in the order of priority. She also talks about the ways that she can promote her brand and build a fan base. However in order to receive help you need to be first aware of your challenges.








December 26th 2017, Episode 26

Sigrun really highlights the importance of giving in order to receive, whether it is entrepreneurship or music. You need to have a vision that is powerful enough to drive you to see it through to fruition. Be inspired and believe that it is possible to turn your passion into profit.








December 25th 2017, Episode 25

As many songs say, may it be Christmas every day. To Ariane Christmas is about light, awareness and a time to reflect. A time to reflect on values, a time to reflect on the year that has gone by and a time to meditate on the success and growth of the year that’s passed by.








December 24th 2017, Episode 24

You have the ability to create your own happiness irrespective of the circumstances around you. On this episode Ariane talks about the skills we can develop to create happy lives for ourselves and others.








December 23rd 2017, Episode 23

Michelle Seaton Witte shares great knowledge on how to face our fears and get at ease to be on stage. She talks about the root cause of the obstacle of wanting to be part of the tribe and not stepping out of our comfort zone. Michelle’s wisdom brings us to understand how we can shine in front of a camera.








December 22nd 2017, Episode 22

This is a singing on air episode with Mélanie. She sings “Sober” by Pink and Ariane guides her through some vocal and breathing exercises with the goal of reducing the amount of air that comes through the vocal folds to give more power to the high notes.








December 21st 2017, Episode 21

L.A. based Singer-Songwriter and Vocal/Performance Coach, currently backing vocalist on “The Voice” 2018 Nayanna Holley shares how she makes a living working in the music industry and ways to break that wall of discomfort when it comes to talking about money.








December 20th 2017, Episode 20

“Acknowledging the good you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance”

-Eckhart Tolle

Ariane talks about the one feeling that can change everything. Gratitude. She also highlights the importance of making a gratitude list and shares with us her own.








December 19th 2017, Episode 19

Mané, a sultry and fiery pop songstress who released a hit single in January and is currently in the process of releasing her first EP, “Before the Storm” talks about the process and organisation to produce an EP. Where to start, how much time it takes and the steps to come up with the final product.








December 18th 2017, Episode 18

Anne Issermann is a French Singer and Actress living in Paris, Starting her career. On this coaching on air episode Ariane helps Anne break the process down and gain clarity. Ariane also answers some important questions that most new artists resonate with.

December 17th 2017, Episode 17

Born in Germany, Barbara Tanze is one of seven certified level two MDH breathing coordination practioners.

In this episode she talks about how breathing coordination can impact over all wellbeing and the methods to use breathing coordination as a tool for minimal effort and maximum output. She also talks about how this program has extensively helped not only singers but athletes as well.








December 16th 2017, Episode 16

On this episode Ariane Leanza Heinz talks about the lessons she learned from being the vocal coach at TEDx, Zurich on November 17,2017 and how to apply to be a part of Tedx, Zurich’s event next year.








December 15th 2017, Episode 15

Robin De Haas is the co -creator of the MDH breathing coordination program that has helped people from all walks of life around the world.

In this episode Robin talks about the experiences in his life that lead him to finding his purpose in breathing coordination. He believes that the tools that people need are within themselves and when they come they are able to figure out what was missing all along.








December 14th 2017, Episode 14

Denosh Bennett-Sieradzan is a Canadian singer, dancer, and mentor. She is a highly sought after supporting artist with a two- decade resume and her bio speaks for itself. She shares her experience in the music industry and advice to young artists.








December 13th 2017, Episode 13

Broadway-Calibre Performer and Choreographer,Mental Performance Consultant and Performance Coach,NET Practitioner,B.Sc. (Psychology), MHK (Intervention and Consultation: Performance and Sport) Ayanna Sealy on this episode talks about her personal experience in the world of dance, the things that she did differently to pursue her heart’s desire all out and the courage to take that step of faith and position yourself or opportunity.








December 12th 2017, Episode 12

Native New Yorker, Meredith Pegula the Co-Founder of Chords2Cure, an organization that benefits Paediatric Cancer through annual fundraising rock concerts performed by talented teenagers from Los Angeles talks about their journey and how one community was able to pioneer change.








December 11th 2017, Episode 11

There are hundreds of people starting new businesses every day and there are over 400 songs released each day. How will your song be noticed? How will your brand stand out? How can you be seen in a saturated world? How can you get through to your fans?

In this episode Ariane shares the 12 techniques that you can apply to start creating your own personal brand.








December 10th 2017, Episode 10

In this episode Dianne Meinke, Six – time Grammy nominated multiplatinum singer – songwriter, multi- instrumentalist, graphic designer and artist talks about how she has been able to position herself for consistent success.








December 9th 2017, Episode 9

Changing not just her external environment but causing change within.

In this episode Teal Thompson, talks about how she went from performing in coffee shops and open mic nights to her songs being shopped to 9 major record labels.








December 8th 2017, Episode 8

This is a coaching session where Ariane guides Aidan Amore, a trans-disciplinary artist active as an actor, performer and plastic artist in France, Switzerland and the United States through some key elements that one should keep in mind as you start out on your artistic goals for this year.








December 7th 2017, Episode 7

In this episode Ariane Leanza Heinz, shares the 7 steps to create abundance. Yes! it’s as easy as 7 steps in the right direction. All you must do is allow yourself to break the conditioning of your mind to habits that don’t necessarily add value to your goals.








December 6th 2017, Episode 6

In today’s episode Arika Kane, Song writer, producer, recording artist and visionary talks about her experience in the music business and how she expanded her wings in the business outside of being an artist.








December 5th 2017, Episode 5

In this episode Nayanna Holley, Singer/Songwriter and Vocal Performance Coach shares her experience of being on the road as an artist and back up vocalist for some of the biggest names in the industry.








December 4th 2017, Episode 4

In this episode Maureen Edgecomb, creative consultant and popular children’s book illustrator shares her story on defying the norms, taking a chance at your dreams and overcoming challenges to broaden the horizon of opportunity.








December 3rd 2017, Episode 3:
Its that time of the year again. Time to get those planners out and get ready for 2018!
Without a vision we don’t have anything to propel us to keep going to achieve our goals for the new year.
This episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast gives you a detailed stepwise framework to plan your creative year.








December 2nd 2017, Episode 2:
In this episode Jae Cabrera, popular singer / songwriter who rose to fame on Instagram with over 22K followers talks about the most frequently asked questions when it comes to making it big on Instagram and other musically oriented social media platforms like soundcloud and spotify.








December 1st 2017, Episode 1:
The Creator Mindset Podcast is aimed at creating a community of artists, where people can come to find answers and inspiration to move forward in pursuit of their dreams. It is a collection of solo episodes, interviews, coaching on air and singing on air. These episodes are created to motivate you to take action and live from your art.
In this episode Ariane shares her life with us. A story that is sure to inspire us as artists that when we have our goal in mind, there are no excuses.