Voice, Breath, Songs

Ariane Leanza Heinz believes your voice is as unique as your fingerprints and has the potential to be clearly heard when exposed to the right training.

We are using our voices everyday of our lives, and still there is no class in school to teach us how to efficiently use it.

Ariane has made her life’s work to support people with their voices and success.

Starting with breathing techniques (MDH Breathing Coordination®), aligning your spine and ribcage with minimal effort, she will bring you to recognition of your own inner breathing system, which is directly link to the nervous system and affects our ability to publicly present or speak.

Ariane’s classes are based on her core values, namely, “presence”, “listening” and “honesty with oneself”. She will bring you on a journey of discovery of your own unique inner voice and teach you the techniques to bring it out.

Ariane guides people of all professions: professors, artists, anchors, speakers, engineers, searchers at her studio (creative arts project) in Zürich. She offers private and group singing, songwriting and performing classes.

She has guided beautiful and brilliant singers like Mané, Bastian Baker, Melyz (Mélanie René), Scott Irribarra, Al Pride, Arika Kane and many more on their path to becoming successful artists; but also Marcus Gisi from the department of Anthropology at University Zürich, Robert Riener from the ETH Zürich, Martina Fuchs anchor or Tanja König TV presenter of The Voice Switzerland (see their testimonials below.)

Her goal is for each person to optimize their breathing and get voice clarity for their message to reach the heart of their audience.

She is a breathing coordination practitioner and teaches voice as a whole with your body. She successfully trained with Robin de Haas (internationally known), being part of his advanced vocal pedagogy techniques first class.

I aim to help people find their voice, empower them, raise their self-confidence in honesty and authenticity bringing to the world more joy and peace.



Passionate about the voice and the human nature she started teaching at the age of 14. She studied pedagogy, music and piano at the Conservatory of Music in Geneva and was hired immediately after her studies at the Music Conservatory as the youngest teacher in the faculty.

After running a successful music studio for a few years in Geneva, she decided to take a leap of faith and moved to New York City on a student visa.

After 5 years in the US, she had worked with Céline Dion’s vocal coach and built a successful musical practice in the city. She enjoyed working in the studio with recording artists. She also organized concerts, toured with Terra Naomi, Matt Simmons and guided young artists in their career.

She stayed 10 years in the USA before coming back to her home country in 2010. She is happily married, a Mom of three girls and a dog. She is now working in Zürich as a private vocal consultant and artist development coach.