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My Clients


Robert Riener

Professor for Sensory-Motor Systems at the Department of Health Sciences and Technology, ETH Zurich

"I came to Ariane to better my voice for my TEDx Talk. She showed me how to stand, to move, to breath and to articulate my words and sentences. It made me feel so self confident and improved my performance. Whenever I have to give a scientific or public talk, or a lecture for students, I am remembering the training with Ariane. I am always practicing the things she taught me. Now I can be at ease on stage, so that the audience can better follow. "

Armin Steuernagel

Co-Founder at Purpose Ventures and Purpose Stiftung

“Ariane and her techniques helped me use the resources of my entire body while speaking - great work!!“

Martina Fuchs

News Anchor, CNN Money Switzerland

"In the world of live TV, the vocal delivery is equally as important as the looks. With various breathing exercises, Ariane has helped me gain a strong foundation to feel confident on air and present news with an authoritative, credible and entertaining voice."

Judith Safford

Director of Operations at Institute of Rheumatology Research

“Ariane coached me in preparation for my TEDx Talk at Zürich and also gave me a session immediately before the Talk itself. The work with her helped me to relax and breath more easily. This enabled me to manage my nerves and improve the delivery of my talk. I am very grateful to her and was impressed by the work she does.”

Rima Alaifari

Assistant Professor for Applied Mathematics at ETH Zürich

“I had the chance to have Ariane work with me for my TEDx talk preparation. At first I was surprised by the different tools she uses for her training but it was amazing how effective it was in a very short time. After the session I would feel taller and havin a stronger voice. I also enjoyed that Ariane herself has such a calming and pleasant voice. It was my first voice training with her and definitely a great experience.”

Sasha Schriber

Principal Digital Artist/Disney Research/Walt Disney Company

“Public speaking often ranks within people’s top ten fears. Although not my fear, it is an integral part of my job and prior to lessons with Ariane, my voice felt somewhat unclear. Ariane taught me some great strategies for preparing to be on stage, voice projection and commanding stage presence. Thank you Ariane!”

Pascal Berard

Disney Research, Zürich, Forbes 30 under 30

“When I visited Ariane for the first time I was surprised that she taught me breathing and relaxation exercises for almost the entire session. But towards the en she asked me to talk a few sentences and I finally realized what the exercises were for. I had a new voice and I was blown away!”

Mike Zürbrugg

Kingfluencers, Zürich

“I contacted Ariane as I had to prepare a speech for a large group of Swiss Hoteliers. I knew I needed to be persuasive and was worried about speaking English in front of such a large audience. From the start Ariane’s coaching made me feel more comfortable. She helped me gain confidence in my voice, sharpen my message and most importantly relax during my speech. I found her approach very useful and would recommend her to anyone wanting to present or perform in the most effective way.” 

Arika Kane

Recording Artist

” Your vocal lesson truly brightened my days, because of your beautiful spirit. You have so much to give to the world. I hope to continue our friendship.”

Mélyz aka Mélanie René

Recording Artist

“Ariane has helped me in developing my brand, and finding the right image and concept that would fit and compliment my music. Together we have built a solid fondation, taking into consideration my needs, my taste, and my abilities. She has given me the right tools to create and establish a strategy for my project, to build/expand/and connect with my fanbase, and how to achieve my goals. She has been a great help in finding myself as an artist, on so many levels. Through her guidance, I now know where I am going, why I am doing what I do, and what I have to offer.  She has boosted my confidence, and I now feel like I am ready to embark on a new exciting musical adventure!


Recording Artist

"Ariane has helped me develop my artistic image and concept. She has taught me how to define some precise goals for my career and how to work towards them step by step. We have been working together on creating a strategy for my project, starting with my message as an artist, and then working on all the aspects that surround it, such as visuals, fan-base, website, concerts. She has given me great advice and guidance, always with care and respect to my personal needs. I have learnt to organize myself in a better way. I now feel like I know in which direction I am going. She has reminded me to work on all of theses aspects with my heart and not my head, and has always been very positive and encouraging.