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173: Storytelling * Clubhouse & Love Sales with Jack Vincent, Write

Jack’s first love was writing. Then he hit puberty and it was all downhill after that. There were some uphill climbs along the way, too, and they were professional. After starting as a magazine writer and editor, he moved to Barcelona and fell into international sales and marketing of some exciting industries: Spanish wine exports and sports marketing. He’s sold and marketed worldwide sponsorships to the Olympic Games, World Cup Football, and the ATP Men’s Tennis Tour.

Since 2001, Jack’s helped scores of corporations and hundreds of startups and solopreneurs sell more effectively, as a marketing consultant and sales trainer. He’s the author of three books, including his 2015 best seller, “A Sale Is A Love Affair.” He’s still got that puberty thing behind him. He’s working on a fiction thriller and a screenplay.  Jack is also a sucker for a good story.


In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast

  • Jack will share his journey on becoming a writer and a storyteller.
  • Get to know more about the clubhouse.
  • Get a glimpse of Jack’s future plans and projects.
  • Tips on how to engage with people as a writer.
  • The secret to success.
  • Exercise on how to sell more effectively.

Key Takeaways

  • Communicating entails listening.
  • No one will write your idea like you. Ideas are not copyrightable.
  • With the democratization of the media, you can create a movie and you can create a series. put it on youtube and if it starts getting a lot of eyeballs you can sell advertising around that.
  • What makes somebody successful is to accept the failures.



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