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169: Sustainability Could Start in Kindergarten with Géraldine Poukens

Géraldine Poukens has 17 years of international and multicultural managerial experience in Beauty and Retail. This background allows her to provide a leadership vision and make joint sales, marketing and sustainability decisions to determine the best customer and employee strategies. Orienting the development of the business in sync with the company’s values and targets enables it to thrive.


In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast

  • Géraldine talks about beauty and retail in a sustainable way.
  • She will share ways in overcoming challenges.
  • The three R’s in sustainability. 
  • Ariane and Géraldine will share their insights about Gender Equality.
  • Insight on everyone’s role in the society.

Key Takeaways

  • Different is good.
  • Listen and anticipate the customer needs, before making any decision to avoid waste.
  • We need leaders who are truly leaders and are able to anticipate the trends
  • It is important to have different views. It’s how we grow. So it’s also our responsibilities to do that
  • If we can align on a bigger goal, We are unstoppable.



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