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168: How to Become a Beekeper with Jennifer Rohr

Jennifer Rohr is Originally from a hobby farm in Vancouver, Canada. She moved to Switzerland in 1998 with her husband, two children, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. To deal with some unexpected reminders of life’s fragility, She went back to my agricultural roots (literally and figuratively) and began the transformation of our urban property into an organic farm and apiary, the foundations of Primrose Secret Garden.

Today, Jeniffer is at Swiss and works hard to maintain BioSuisse certification, both as a grower and beekeeper. When she’s not gardening, beekeeping, or handcrafting organic produce in our professional kitchen, you can find her sharing their product in outdoor markets.


In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast

  • Jennifer will share her story before settling in life.
  • You will find out how Primrose is founded.
  • How Jennifer transformed from being an athlete to a beekeeper.
  • As a beekeeper, Jennifer will share with you her struggles keeping the bees.
  • Jennifer will share her routine as a beekeeper.

Key Takeaways

  • Bees are endangered, they can no longer really live on their own anymore because of a Varroa destructor mite that came around 20 years ago from Asia.



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