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Episode 162: The Challenges of Building a Food Company with Dina Holzapfel

162: The Challenges of Building a Food Company with Dina Holzapfel

Dina Holzapfel is an entrepreneur now based around Zurich, Switzerland. After spending her 20s living and working across Europe and the Middle East as an engineer, marketeer and investment analyst she recently co-founded her new food venture SMIQQL in 2020 together with her life partner. The purpose-driven business launched in September with their first product line of flavored flaky salts that she likes to call their “Sprinkles of Joy”. With many more ideas how to make life more delicious, Dina hopes to continue her fun adventure in 2021 by developing other interesting food products and collaborations with other similarly-minded small businesses.


In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast

  • Dina Holzapfel will share how she started her company.
  • You will find out what challenges Dina encounters in her journey.
  • Dina will give you a glimpse of what she does on her business.

Key Takeaways

Joy  is the feeling that whether expected or unexpected brings you happiness through a familiar unfamiliar thing.

Everybody has their own personal responsibility, and also their own personal opportunity to make conscious decisions as a consumer. And everybody’s decisions, there will be different. And everybody, therefore will have a different contribution.




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