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161: A Conversation on Music with Sarah Bowman from The Bowmans

With harmonies that seem to come from one astonishing voice, The Bowmans share a rare, near-telepathic musical bond. Twin sisters Sarah and Claire Bowman are a “roller coaster” duo, whose music ranges from poignantly captivating to serendipitously joyful. Their music is both sophisticated and imaginative, and they deeply move and delight their audiences with uncanny, evocative, and unforgettable performances. The twin sisters started creating songs as little kids, eventually going public at age 14 with their first regular gig at Theo’s Java Hut in their American hometown, Davenport, Iowa. They continued to perform original songs throughout their college and post-graduate studies in Pittsburgh, PA and Baltimore, MD. In 2004, they abandoned their conventional career paths to convene in New York City and focus on The Bowmans full-time. 


In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast

  • Sarah will share how she started before becoming a successful artist.
  • You will find out what contributed to Sarah’s music career.
  • You will know what Sarah does right now to cope with the pandemic.

Key Takeaways

Plan enough that it’s not a disaster, but not plan too much so that a lot of human raw vulnerability will unfold in the process of performing.

Understand and see how to live with the differences and go on from there to build stronger relationships.

Create more peace within with any action we can do. So we can be prepared and be in the best possible position to face the moment.




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