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Episode 157: Find Your Passion from Within with Julia Peters

157: Find Your Passion from Within with Julia Peters

Julia Peters (@_antimodel_) is an Influencer @_antimodel_, independent magazine publisher, marketing professional and event organiser. She was born in Odessa, Ukraine, and lived in the Philippines, England and France. Since publish a travel magazine about Tirol “Про Тироль”. and is currently residing in Switzerland, where she developed very strong business contacts. She is currently managing 4 expat communities with a total of over 40 000 members and  hosting weekly events, which are aimed at bringing people together. I am also developing Instagram accounts of private clients and few big marketing projects. Next year 2021 she is starting a new magazine for expats in Zurich.


In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast

  • Julia Peters will share her journey 
  • What led Julia to write her book “Becoming British In The Eyes of a Stranger.”
  • Julia’s plan in the future
  • What  is the mission of Julia Peters according to her POV
  • What Julia Reinvented herself into

Key Takeaways

Everything is possible with the right motivation and with patience.

No matter how big it is. Everything is achievable.






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