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Episode 156: The 5 Essentials to Become an Entrepreneur with Mariona Dalmau

156: The 5 Essentials to Become an Entrepreneur with Mariona Dalmau

“The day that the society understands that the interior designers do not sell furniture, but sensations, we will figure out that we all need one in our life”. The words of MARIONA DALMAU make me want to pick up the phone and call her to add her spark into my home.

MARIONA DALMAU (@marionadalmaudesign) is an interior designer. The words that come to mind when I read about Mariona and her business are chic, elegance and clarity. She pulls her inspiration from many sources – animal print from Senegal, landscapes from Switzerland, smells and explosion of colours from India, glassed buildings from New York, waves from the Mediterranean sea and the clouds of London. All of Mariona’s personal adventures have inspired the personal style she brings to her work.

Her main goal is that your newly designed space reflects all the emotions you longed for when you first started your project. Her company seeks to leverage Swiss companies for purchases where possible, uses high quality materials, and re-uses items, such as previously purchased good quality furniture, to optimize costs, across all of their projects


In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast

  • Mariona Dalmau journey on how she became an entrepreneur as self employed women.
  • You will find out the humble beginning of Mariona Dalmau.
  • You will find out what drives Mariona to do what she likes.
  • Mariona’s passion 
  • The qualities of  an entrepreneur based on Mariona’s point of view

Key Takeaways

The sustainability is really high and terms of materials, the way that the people designed.

The values that they kept me where I am, is my persistence.

there is people that won’t understand you, I lost friends, I lost people. They were next to me, because my life has changed a lot.

You really have to listen to your body because sometimes we push our bodies too much… It’s actually on your chassis. 

My success comes from satisfied clients, they are referring me some other clients.

Try to be as humble as possible.

Start slowly you don’t have to rush





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