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Episode 155: Food for a Healthy Body and Mind with Danna Levy Hoffmann

155: Food for a Healthy Body and Mind with Danna Levy Hoffmann

Danna Levy Hoffmann is a certified Health and Lifestyle Coach, specialising in gut health, and is the founder of Organilicious. She is a passionate public speaker, a Jamie Oliver ambassador, and a self proclaimed health freak, who is helping men and women everywhere embrace new levels of healthy living. Her motto: Deliciously Sustainable Lifestyle Changes!


In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast

  • You will find out Danna Levy Hoffmann’s journey on becoming a business owner in food industry.
  • What motivated and pushed Danna to where she is now.
  • Danna’s mission in Food Revolution.
  • The right food to eat that fits you and your health.
  • You will know about a program that will fit your own lifestyle. 

Key Takeaways

I think we’re all human. And I think that we tend to go to extremes. So we’ll either we’re all or nothing, most, most people are all or nothing.

People will have sensitive different sensitivities.

we have to understand that the medications that we’ve taken or take make a huge difference in our gut flora.

Being an entrepreneur and running your own businesses, it’s never easy.






Connecting with Danna:

Website: https://organilicious.ch/



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