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Episode 153: Conversation with Tanya Birri

153: Conversation with Tanya Birri

Tanya Birri was born in a musician’s family from Switzerland in 1972. She is a multi-award-winning artist, entrepreneur + expert for new voice awareness, known from RadioTV, The Voice Of Switzerland. Her vision is to connect people through singing. 

Her vision is to strengthen the inner cohesion in society in times of great separation by singing together and developing personality.


In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast

  • You will find out about the background of Tanya Birri and how she became a vision finding coach.
  • How Tanya Birri made her way to where she is right now.
  • What motivates her to help and empower others.

Key Takeaways

Empowering others with passion

Behind the scenes: singing is connected with techniques and many actions taken before one can go on stage or perform.

One’s voice is a medium to bring forth emotions and energies, it’s a channel. 

Personality can shine through your voice




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