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Episode 133 Daniela Killus Interviews Ariane for her Success Business Summit

133: Daniela Killus Interviews Ariane for her Success Business Summit


About Ariane

Ariane Leanza Heinz is a vocal coach and artist consultant based in Zürich. She decided to do the Avatar® course in 2001 when she felt her life was not moving forward. She had dreams of being an artist, writing songs and performing, but she was stuck in her limitations and could not pass them. She tried many techniques, as she is a natural explorer and risk taker. After her Avatar course, her life started to unravel in the direction she chose. She released her CD, gave concerts and built a successful vocal practice in New York City. She was using the Avatar exercises to break out of her own boundaries and she realized quickly all the goals she had set for herself. She was always talking to her friends how amazing the Avatar course was and decided to take the training to become a Master to share it with her friends and family.

“Every course brings me ten steps forward, I grow as a person, mother, and teacher, it not only benefits me but all the people around me.”

What she shares in this episode:

Daniela interviewed Ariane for her Business Success Summit back in September. Ariane shared her story about how she aligned her beliefs to create what she wanted.  

In this episode of the creator mindset podcast:

  • The meaning of success for Ariane
  • Definition of alignment
  • Tips that people who wanted to start a business or have a business can do to reach their desired level of success
  • The one thing you have to do to be successful
  • Why Ariane started the Avatar Course
  • Ariane talking more in-depth about the Avatar Course

Key Takeaway from this episode

  • Take the time to listen
  • We are not listening anymore, not to our ourselves, not to others
  • We don’t take the time and that is not leading to success

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