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132: Reconnect With Your Life Purpose



Today’s episode is about alignment. Ariane sat down with Tatjana Pieters, art gallery owner, and Avatar Course Master. They delved into the topic of life misalignment. Tatjana shared how the Avatar course made her realize the importance of being intentional with her goals, finance and business.

Do not miss out on this episode! Enjoy!

In this episode of The Creator Mindset Podcast:

  • Tatjana’s inspiration to do the Avatar course
  • How the Avatar course helped Tatjana with her business
  • Find out how it activated Tatjana’s intuitive modes
  • How does the tool help her to address the misalignments on her life
  • The work-life balance achieved through Avatar Course

Key Takeaway

Let yourself go. Go into an adventure and explore, what you will find is more than you would ever imagine being possible.

Connect with Tatjana

Email at tatjanapieters@gmail.com

Phone Number: 0032485952219

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