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Episode 125: How the Feel of Swimming with Dolphins Can Stay with you Forever with Marieke Verhoef

Episode 125: How the Feel of Swimming with Dolphins Can Stay with you Forever with Marieke Verhoef

About the Artist:

Marieke Verhoef has always been very interested in the mysteries of life.

Her curiosity has brought her to different steps in her schooling/professional career:

  • being an exchange student at a high school in the USA for 1 year, after finishing high school in NL
  • studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente, NL
  • working on big design/construction projects in the Chemical/Oil Industry
  • working as a consultant/trainer

Different other life-experiences contributed to the discovery of her life’s purpose:

  • a lifelong experience in different consciousness traditions, incl. intensive work with shamans and aura healing courses
  • spending a year traveling around the Pacific Ocean, working with shamans in New-Zealand and Hawaii and swimming with dolphins in different places
  • learning the technology of the Avatar® Courses

She feels the Avatar program provides the most effective techniques for true transformation. In 2000 she decided to teach the Avatar course full time, in Europe and the USA. She’s also happily married and has a 15-year-old daughter.

What She Shares in this Episode

Marieke Verhoef and Ariane sat down and discussed the greatness you will get out of The Avatar Course

In this Episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast:

  • How did she learn about Avatar Course
  • The changes she felt while doing Avatar
  • Her struggle to do the Avatar exercises
  • What steps Marieke took after taking the Avatar Course
  • How did she convince a loved one to try Avatar
  • Marieke’s life unfold after the wizard class

Key Takeaways

  • Learn by doing
  • Being curious. Want to get good grips and take responsibilities as much as she can for yourself and for the world around you

Connect with the Marieke:

Phone Number: +31 6 54 37 45 35


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