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Episode 124: Robin de Haas, Breathing Coordination Explained Series #7

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Bio of the Guest

Robin de Haas

Born and raised in Switzerland, Robin De Haas has received many prizes in his singing and academic studies. He pursued a grant as soon as he started his professional singing studies and studied with many teachers in Europe and the U.S.A, such as Kurt Widmer, Anne Ramoni and Cornelius Reid. Attracted by pedagogy, he pursued the Diploma of Teaching Singing at The Conservatory of Music of Lausanne, Switzerland, which was completed with an award for his diploma work, “Lyrical Singing and Modern Singing, Two Worlds That Are Completely Opposed?”

It was in the pursuit of research to find models of methodology and pedagogy that he met Lynn Martin, a professor of Breathing Coordination and Functional Anatomy at New York University, and Spencer Welch, a voice teacher specialized in contemporary styles.

These meetings began a fruitful collaboration, the goal of which is to release accessory tensions and to realize vocal and artistic potential. In 2008, Robin was invited by Ms. Martin to assist her in the Master Class she gave at Sarah Lawrence College, one of the most prestigious arts schools in the United States.

From 2007 to 2010, Robin creates various concepts that allow young singers to go on stage. “And now Sing” and “Don’t Stop the Music” are a major success and lead to many contacts and opportunities for young artists to improve their skills and their network.

In 2010, he is extremely busy between putting events together and bringing Breathing Coordination to politicians in Bern, Switzerland. That same year, he starts to work on the post surgery care for damaged voices that are sent to him by Lausanne city hospital. His results are commended by the doctors of the ENT section of the hospital.

In 2011 he becomes the head of the training for Breathing Coordination practitioners and the first practitioners are certified in 2013.

Recently, in 2014 Robin was invited to present his work in some of the most prestigious music schools such as the “Manhattan School of Music”. He also collaborates with several members of the medical community for the application of his work in the filed of pathologies.

Finally, in 2015 a major accomplishment happens when Robin’s book “La Voie de la Voix” is published by “Les Editions Favre”, the largest French Speaking Editor of Switzerland. That same year, the breathing coordination practitioner training program created by Robin starts in the USA with a first group in Los Angeles.
In 2018, “The Path of the Voice”, the translation of “La Voix de la Voie” is published and available now on all the book selling online platforms.

What He Shares in this Episode

This episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast is the seventh of the 7 episodes series with Robin de Haas.

In this last episode, Robin talks about some of the people he works with and have had great gains with the Breathing Coordination method. The artists we will hear in this episode each had specific problems, tensions while singing and could not use their voices optimally. What matters in a method is that it works and here we have three practical examples of artists who now resolved their voice’s issues thanks to Breathing Coordination.

In this Episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast:
-Stories of artists who have worked with Robin: Mané (who you find in episodes: ); Randy (a metal singer) and Betty Patural (episode )
-Finding your voice
-Essential coordination to address damaged voices
-Understanding which muscles, articulations, mechanisms are at play and how to use them

Key Takeaways
-If you don’t know what to look for, you don’t have the right hypothesis; you don’t understand what is going on
-You have all you need to really succeed

Connecting with the Guest:

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