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Episode #58 Branding for Creatives

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Bio of the artist:

Justine is a seasoned marketing executive who has directed the marketing communication and public relations strategies for a portfolio of 15 diverse friends in the fashion industry at an international level these range from women’s intimate apparel to licensed children’s accessories to men’s formal business wear. Additionally, Justin was a producer of the White Party Sydney, one of the Sydney’s most anticipated recurring social music events throughout of the 2000s. so welcome Justin and I’m so excited to have this conversation with you

What she shares in this episode:

What is branding? Is it necessary for creatives like musicians, artists and actors? Long time ago, branding is described as a slogan for products or services you offered. But now, it has a new meaning.

In today’s episode, Ariane and Justine discuss the power of branding for creatives. They spoke about how important to know your brand and your audience. Justine also shared tips that not only creatives can use but also start-up entrepreneur. Let us all listen, as we find out how branding can help you achieve your goals.

In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast:

  • Sydney’s White Party background story
  • The importance of Branding
  • Discover how to keep the core idea of your brand
  • Find out how to we use our brand to achieve our goals
  • What is your advice to get started with their brand and that it stays consistent
  • How to nurture relationships with your network
  • Discover the power of collaboration
  • How to find sponsors for your event

Key takeaways:

  • Using your brand cleverly and the first step of that is to understand your audience
  • Achieving your goals is thinking about who your audience will be. Part of achieving your goals is to have people listen to you or to view you
  • Get out there and get your brand known
  • The attitude of win-win and playing the long gray game is how relationships grow and how people get to like and respect your work
  • Your values is a huge part of your brand
  • Your  fans are important because they represent your opportunity to grow
  • People recognized passion when they see it
  • Being inspired comes with controlling your environment and exposing yourself to new things and to positive people

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