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Episode #56 From Running off Stage to Landing a Role in the Librarians!

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Bio of the artist:


Ashley Noelle Jackson who is from from University Place, Washington. She is best known for her recent role as the sassy Mercy Jones as a Cal Jones baby sister and on the hit show The Librarians on TNT.


What she shares in this episode:


Looking out on how to be a fearless person? Today’s guest is Ashley Noelle Jackson. You know her from being the baby sister of Cal Jones in the hit show The Librarians. When she was young she though that she cannot act. A teacher pushes her to audition in a play. She got the role and pursue acting in college. During her college years, she learned theater acting, stage management and directing. She used her learnings to better her skills.


Throughout the episode, Ariane and Ashley dig deep on how she got the role from The Librarian, what she did to pursue her dreams and her future projects. They also touches on the challenges of being a person of colors in the industry.


In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast:


  • Origin of the Fearless Actress


  • Ashley’s backstory. How she landed a role in a school play


  • Her next step after Ashley’s acting gig on her high school


  • The journey from being a production assistant to Mercy Jones


  • Importance of going to College to become an actor


  • What message she shared when giving speeches in school


  • Does a young actor need to move to a bigger market in order to be a successful actor


  • Ashley’s inspiration to become an actress


  • Importance of being surrounded by like-minded people


  • The Librarian Moment


  • Ashley’s future plan


Key takeaways:


  • College is great to have a safe place to learn different skills and getting to know your peers


  • There are some people that think that they don’t need to go to college and maybe it is not for them. You have to have a secondary education in order to get to know people build your skills and become more of a well-rounded person


  • I’m a firm believer in having a healthy mindset. You can learn all the tools, textbook on how to be an actor, how to create a resume, how to have the best headshot in the world but if you don’t believe in the tools that  God gave you all that goes down to the wayside


  • Know that you are enough


  • Starting where you are can lead you to the bigger market


  • You learn as much as you can where you are at. When you’re ready to get into the bigger leagues then you can take a leap


  • You can choose who you want to be in your circle


  • Find your digital mentors


  • Find people that inspire you. When you get that negativity from people that are close to you, they are coming out of love. They don’t know much about the industry. They tend to come from fear. They want to protect you. Keep writing what you really want, keep listening to those people that are doing what you want to do and find those groups of people that are like you


  • Don’t be a one-trick pony. Study the craft and learn another skill from there you will know all facets and become well-rounded in your field


  • You don’t know what other skills that you love to do if you don’t try


  • If we want to see the change, we got to be the change


  • Be fearless in anything and everything that you do. Know that whatever talent that God gave you, you can use that to the utmost and highest ability. There are no limits, only yourself


  • Something may frustrate you, something didn’t go exactly what you planned but that is okay. That is all part of the foundation and your learning


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