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Episode #53 Conversation on Mindset, Money and Purpose

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Bio of the artist:

Anna Goldstein is the host of the Profit with Purpose Podcast. She is an NYU Certified Business and Life Coach. Anna is also an athlete. She helps women from all over the world discover how to take a leap of faith from unfulfilled corporate career to a life of passion.

What she shares in this episode:

The dilemma of every creatives; passion or profit? Why not both? Artists, singers actors often experience fear. Fear of failure, belongingness, and criticism, that is why it is hard for them to pursue their passion. In today’s episode, we have Anna Goldstein. She is a coach specializing in life coaching, career coaching, executive coaching and business coaching in NYC, LA, and DC. She helps people build their confidence, get out of their own way and have what they want. Anna and Ariane discuss the struggles of creatives in finding balance in pursuing their passion and making a living. They also talk about how to address criticism by people close to you. Let us all find out the steps to achieving a life with purpose and profit.

In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast:

  • Find out the story of Anna on how she became a coach
  • Discover how you can build a bridge between passion and purpose and make money
  • Know the inspiration behind the making of her book
  • Learn how to work with people who are indecisive
  • Know the process in finding balance in the midst of the chaos
  • How to work with people who has low self-esteem
  • How to deal with criticism from loved ones
  • The story of a deaf frog
  • Two important steps in decision making

Key takeaways:

  • Let the vision be what moves you
  • Imagination as Albert Einstein said is more important than knowledge
  • Balance is an art
  • The nature of reality is constant change
  • You don’t have to be the best to start, but you have to start to be the best right
  • Don’t wait until you have self-love and confidence to do something
  • I think that we grow our self love through doing the things we love
  • Indecision is the killer of wealth
  • Action brings clarity
  • The quality of your thoughts is what’s gonna create your life
  • The most important thing is to speak your truth
  • When you’re living in accordance to your value, you are likely to win

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