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Episode #51 Get Started as a Filmmaker

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Bio of the artist:

Kathi Carey is an award-winning writer/producer/director with several features currently in development. Kathi says, “It’s important to me that each project I undertake not only entertain the audience but give them something extra. This is why, as a filmmaker, I gravitate towards stories that explore how the characters navigate the transformational turning points in their lives.” Also, probably because that was her story: she was a child prodigy in music headed toward the concert stage when she picked up her dad’s 8mm camera and there was no turning back–the destination was no longer Carnegie Hall, but Hollywood.


What she shares in this episode:


What does it take to be a successful filmmaker? How will you know if this is the path you want to take? These questions were answered by Kathi. In today’s episode, Ariane and Kathi take us to the world of filmmaking. They discuss how to start producing a content, finding out if this craft is for you and know the ins and outs of making a film. Listen in as they take us to the wonderful world of movies.


In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast:

  • Kathi’s story on how she started as an artist
  • How to get started in producing content
  • How to find your WHY
  • Make a compelling story from your life experience
  • How to become a filmmaker
  • Method on how to find the starting point of being a filmmaker
  • Understand the limitation of having a micro budget
  • Learn how to work with a small and big crew production
  • The step by step on how to set up your goal


Key takeaways:

  • You’re going to have more control over your career as an actor if you can write, produce, and direct your own projects because you can always create work for yourself
  • You are born with your WHY
  • There are parts of life that are tough and difficult to get through. If this doesn’t makes you want to overcome all that then this isn’t for you
  • Being an artist; it’s a calling. You are born to it.
  • “I teach my child to be who they are, without me being Who I am”
  • A good director with good actors can make a compelling scene anywhere
  • If you know what you want before you start, getting there is easier
  • There’s nothing wrong with finding some other aspect of creativity that you decide you like even more


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