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Episode #49 Getting Management and Starting Touring

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Bio of the artist:


Ragdoll Sunday is a Zurich based hard progressive rock. They’ve just recently come back from supporting ex-Nightwish singer Tarja Turunen in Mexico, as well as playing in Germany earlier this year. Their first official EP “Immigrant” is coming out January 19th 2018. Today we welcome the singer from Ragdoll Sunday; Gaetano Ruggiero, who has been in the independent scene for over ten years & has featured on several releases in various bands, before his current role in Ragdoll Sunday.


What he shares in this episode:


After two years of reaching out, putting up a poster and connecting with people face to face; a band was formed. Gaetano in vocals, Manny on drums, Adonis on guitars and Felipe on bass guitar; together they are the Ragdoll Sunday. In today’s episode, Ariane talked with Gaetano, Ragdoll Sunday’s lead vocals. They deep dive on what an aspiring artist should keep in mind, how to choose the people that will help you achieve your goals and unfold your love for music.


In this episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast:


  • How the band Ragdoll Sunday was formed
  • Mexico Tour Experience
  • Gaetano’s first performance
  • Parts and works that goes into being a singer
  • What is a good vocal teacher for Gaetano?
  • How to maximize the talent you have
  • How the band got signed by a music management
  • Know Ragdoll Sunday’s Rebranding Process
  • Discover the journey of the band’s releasing their EP
  • Ragdoll Sunday’s future plans
  • Sneak Peak of one of their new song (4th track on their new EP “Immigrant”)


Key takeaways:


  • Attitude is equally as important as the musician
  • How you’re gonna do 100-meter sprint if you bought the wrong shoes
  • Be patient with yourself because your voice will develop
  • If you are not committed a 100% being in music, it is very hard to persevere because it’s a challenging career
  • Art should be a product of life
  • Do your own thing. Sing with your own voice. Play with your own guitar. Make your own sound. Make your own noise. Do what you want to do. Don’t try to copy others.
  • Don’t get taken for a ride. There’s a lot of people out there who will try to take money from you

How to connect with Gaetano:





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