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Episode #48 Radio Plays? How-to



D Grant Smith is an award-winning, syndicated radio show host (The Appetizer Radio Show), host of the DIY Artist Route Podcast, coach, author (The DIY Musician’s Radio Handbook) and speaker. He calls himself “The Audience Growth Farmer” and helps musicians learn how to build strong relationships with music fans, media, music curators, and influencers to create more success in their careers.

His experience in radio and media dates back to 1998, and he’s been an integral part of the growth and success of countless indie & unsigned musicians through both radio airplay and relationship building. More info on D Grant is available at https://dgrantsmith.com including his book, his online course for radio promotion, podcast, blog and a weekly newsletter that shines a light on effective relationship building and marketing tactics through storytelling.

What he shares in this episode:

Your ability to make powerful connections with the right people for your offering is the key to your success. It’s farming. It’s cultivating, nurturing, planting and reaping good things from relationships. You grow by giving not by asking.

D Grant Smith talks about personal development and community building. It is about operating your life out of a place of peace and love so that your output draws the right people in to connecting with you. It’s all about “connections”; connections that other people don’t have. This kind of harmony changes the world, and creates new channels of success in every area of life.

On this episode:

  • How his passion (music curating) came from
  • More elaborate definition of a music curator
  • Ways how to get in contact with music curators
  • How building connections with other people helps in the industry
  • How he grows an audience on his radio show
  • Talks about his book on the steps for having the song played on the radio
  • His takes on how to find success
  • How the law of attraction plays a role when it comes to radio promotion
  • His takes on how to standout as a performer
  • His philosophy in life

Key takeaways:

  • Do things that you are passionate about
  • Build relationships and connect with influential people is the key to success
  • Align with people that are most like us
  • Ignoring the voice of negativity
  • We need to fit into something so that we should not feel entirely alone
  • Invest in yourself
  • Learn something from other people
  • Take action on things you learn and you’ll see success multiply exponentially


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