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EPISODE #43 Make Each Photoshoot Count

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Bio of the Artist:

Aurélie Ménard works as a freelance photographer in Zurich (Switzerland). She has always been fascinated by human nature. Her quest in understanding what lies behind the curtains, what touches people and makes them unique first attracted her towards foreign languages, then to photography. She now combines letters and pixels to tell stories, her own or the ones of the people she photographs.

In a joyful collaboration and through deeply engaging with her subjects, Aurélie is able to depict authentic, heartfelt and meaningful moments. With some music always playing in her head, she was naturally drawn to photographing artists, and she now specialises in musicians and dancers portraits as well as creative photography.

Her series «Comme une fleur» has been exhibited in Zurich last April, and her next show, «Ondes de lumière» (Light waves), is now to be seen in the Hotel Plattehof in Zürich this January 2018.

What she shares on this episode:

Every musician has an artistic vision on how their brand to be presented. Photographs if successfully executed have the power to engage your fans and those who may become fans. The right photo can spark the reader’s interest to learn more about you and your music.

On this episode:

  • How the silly conversation of a friend becomes an inspiration to become a photographer
  • How she shots pictures to fit the musician’s brand
  • What she does to match the image and the music
  • Tips on what to do before the photo shoot
  • An advice for the musician when choosing a photographer
  • The exhibit last April and what makes her very special

Key takeaways:

  • Take the advice of a friend seriously to achieve your dream
  • Ask a lot of questions to the client to come up with the best idea
  • Do not set boundaries and limitations; explore
  • Plan the photo accordingly, be prepared
  • Research the work of the photographer
  • Do not rush

Connecting with an artist:

Aurélie Ménard Photography