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EPISODE #42 The Artist’s Myths

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Bio of the artist:

As a Creative consultant Maureen Edgecomb Supports and guide others to develop their full creative potential, design their ideal work environment and bring their amazing work out into the world where it belongs. She has published several feature magazine articles and written and illustrated children’s picture books including the popular Gigi and Jacques children book series. She has been featured on PBS for children’s art appreciation and has written commercials for television. Clients include Caesar’s entertainment and Hampton art stamps among others. After several years of writing, publishing and illustrating she continues to produce her work as well as helps several others transition from their corporate, business or other left brained world to realising their dreams of a creative life. Maureen left the world of academia where she was a professor of English, art and humanities I order to pursue her lifelong dream of producing her creative work full time.

What she shares on this episode:

Sometimes we need to free ourselves from our own blocks and understand what creativity is and how to recognise it happening in our minds and bodies. The truth is as artists we are unique and in most cases, we just don’t fit the norms of our society. This makes us fearful of living and dying alone. However, it’s not entirely wrong that we think this way because we evolved like that over time.

There are so many myths in our head about being artists or seeking a life of creativity. For instance, ‘It has to be difficult for it to be valuable work’ or the most common one we have heard growing up ‘you cannot make a living with your art.’ These are things have been said or implied at some point in our journey as artists. These things feed into our already depleting confidence to step out and take action.

On this episode Maureen Edgecomb talks about all of these fears and “myths” as she would like to call it and how this becomes a road block to our creativity. It is motivating to listen to her story and how she defied each one of these myths in her journey as an artist.

In this episode of the creator mindset podcast:

  • Maureen Edgecomb’s take on being an artist nowadays.
  • What stops us from starting, continuing or following that calling that we have to be creative.
  • The Act of creating
  • Money = energy. The reasons artists find it difficult to price their work.
  • Current projects she is working on.

Key takeaways:

  • Look around and you’ll find that creativity is all around you.
  • It doesn’t matter what people think.
  • Come up with all the myths you can think of about being an artist and let them go.
  • Start with taking action and you’ll realise it gets easier.
  • Put your mind on the product
  • Think about the people who will be impacted from your art and get your mind to yourselves.
  • You must see the value in your work.

Connecting with the artist:

Website: http://maureenedgecomb.com/

Upcoming courses: http://maureenedgecomb.com/courses-e-books/