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EPISODE #35 How to Make Every Performance Count

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Bio of the artist

Denosh Bennett-Sieradzan is a Canadian singer, dancer, and mentor.  The performing arts high school expellee is a highly sought after supporting artist with a two-decade resume that includes superstars, like Robbie Williams, Alessia Cara, Alicia Keys,  Rihanna,  Drake,  Justin Timberlake,  Demi Lovato,  Nick Jonas,  Aaliyah,  Missy Elliott,  Diddy,  Jay-Z,  Mariah Carey,  Faith Evans,  Chris Brown, and more.  You’ve seen her in the band of NBC’s The Voice, GRAMMY Awards shows, Hairspray on Broadway, and as Dance Captain for NBA’s Toronto Raptors.  Denosh recorded a solo album ‘Back 2 Front’ (2007) and lent her vocals to Robbie’s lastest album “The Heavy Entertainment Show” and to hip-hop greats Pete Rock & CL Smooth.  She lives in Los Angeles and London with her husband Gregory Sieradzan.

What she shares on this episode

As artists and particularly musicians we are focussed on the musical element of our performance alone. I mean, how often have you stood in front of a mirror or videotaped yourself singing or performing before you actually went up on stage to perform? This process can be really intimidating and scary for most of us, to see ourselves through the worlds eyes. This could mean different things to different people, insecurity about our ability, our looks, our talent and the list goes on.

There is hope, Denosh has worked with artists, enabling them to address this area. Her only advice? Practice. That’s right, Practice. When are prepared for what’s to come and we have seen ourselves the way that our audience is going to see us, there really is nothing else holding us back from being excellent performers. Allow yourself to be moulded and to go through that process with courage and humility being true to yourself.

On this episode Denosh talks about some measures that you can take as an artist to be in control of and own your performance every single time you put yourself out there.

In the episode of the Creator Mindset Podcast

  • What inspired her to become a vocal performance coach and how she developed her method of coaching
  • How she became a working artist
  • What she does to coach to and mentor young artists
  • The subjects of her workshops
  • Her opinion of what makes a great performance
  • Importance of stage presence and skills
  • The 3P’s that make a live performance brilliant

Key takeaways

  • Talent and honesty make a brilliant performance
  • As an entertainer your talent is what sets you apart
  • Even when you’re doing a cover find a connection, find your truth and be real with yourself.
  • Success differs from person to person
  • Your performance is all that you have at the end of the day
  • Invest in your craft. Spend time performing, small or big, all the same.
  • The more experience you get performing, the better you’ll get at it.

Connecting with the artist

Website: http://denoshbennett.com/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/denoshbennett/