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EPISODE #6 How to Get Signed by a Music Label

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Bio of the artist:

Song writer, producer, recording artist and visionary. Arika Kane has pioneered the way for independent artist by showing them they can breakthrough with integrity. Her accomplishments include over 10 billboard charting songs and over 70 television music placements with Viacom network including multiple features and two theme songs on two reality TV series. Kane takes pride in her music carrying inspiring messages that empower and uplift. As an artist you are a creator. Which means you have the power to impact how others feel based upon what your heart projects, so she chooses to make that a positive experience.

What she shares on the episode:

All Arika ever knew when she started singing was that she was passionate about singing, wanted to be a recording artist and be the best at her craft. The picture that is painted about the music industry on television is just not what it is in reality. It is an investment, a process and more than anything it is such hard work.

There is so much out there online that you really need to be consistent. If you want a breakthrough and get a large exposure on a world-wide scale you need to start small. The entertainment industry is not just about being very talented. You need to continuously work towards your passion.

In this episode of the creator mindset podcast:

  • Arika’s experience in the music business and how she expanded her wings in the business outside of being an artist.
  • What the A&R process looks like.
  • The criteria on which labels choose artists
  • Process of branding the artist
  • Common misconceptions of the music industry that artists have.
  • Some of the most important lessons Arika has learned along the way.
  • Arika Kane’s current projects.

Takeaways from this episode:

  • Always trust your intuition.
  • Ask yourself if the next step you’re about to take is beneficial to you and your fans.
  • Have a consultant, lawyer and a manager – It can be tricky initially.
  • Talking to artists that have been in the industry for some time really helps.
  • Do as much as you can as an artist on your own, so you have that power backing you.
  • Address every situation as if you know that you are in control.

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Latest single: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/love-makes-a-woman-single/id1294666735