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EPISODE #12 How Music Turns Lead Into Gold

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Bio of the artist

Native New Yorker, Meredith Pegula is the Co-Founder (with her 16-year-old daughter, Juliette) of Chords2Cure, an organization that benefits Pediatric Cancer through annual fundraising rock concerts performed by talented teenagers from Los Angeles. Chords2Cure has produced 3 fantastic concerts with a few special guests such as Ewan McGregor, One Republic, Foo Fighter’s Chris Schifflett, and Chris Martin of Coldplay.

Meredith began her singing career in the musical theater and indie rock scene while attending New York University. She was featured in VH1’s You Rock with Rod Stewart and co-starred with Jason Alexander, Ron Perlman and Enrique Murciano in the feature film, How To Go Out On A Date In Queens. Meredith performs Jazz in Los Angeles where she lives with her husband and 3 children.  Meredith works with talented, aspiring young artists in voice, songwriting and performance.  She also has a Master’s Degree in Psychology.  Chords2Cure 2018 will take place on March 23rd in Santa Monica California.

What she shares on this episode

If we could just take a moment to look around us, we realize that it is not difficult to find someone going through a scary and difficult situation. All it takes is for us to act on our desire to extend help and do good and you’ll see that the universe works in your favor. That is exactly what happened with Chords2Cure.

Moved and driven by love, they came together as a community to do what they could to benefit the victims of pediatric cancer. This movement that has started can truly be an example to people and communities all over the world. When we stand together even the tallest mountain becomes smaller. As Meredith says they had their heart strings pulled and this empowered them to act.

Chords2Cure is a non-profit organization benefiting pediatric cancer research.  Chords2Cure was created by a few compassionate Crossroads School students and their families when their friend, Jaxon Blumenthal (now 14 years old) was diagnosed with hepatoblastoma (liver cancer) in 2013.

After listening to their story, you realize that you really don’t need much. Use what you were born with, your love, your talent and your passion to do something. It is important that you find that passion.

In this episode of the creator mindset podcast

  • The story of where it all started for Meredith and the inspiration behind chords2cure.
  • How the idea of involving their community together for Jaxon came along, and how they implemented it.
  • The ways in which they were able to draw the attention of many eminent artists in the industry.
  • Steps that musicians who would like to organize a big event can take.

Key takeaways

Overview of the things to keep in mind while organizing a big event

  • Find your tribe. Speak to people about what is impressed on your heart and form a likeminded community.
  • Meet and say yes! Be committed to the cause.
  • Think about the length of the show.
  • Number of songs and song choices need to be thought about.
  • Your entire set needs to be engaging. Mix it up. A little bit of soul and a whole lot of music.
  • Decide on one or two people that will take up leadership roles.
  • Map out what it is going to look like and write it down.
  • Book a venue.
  • Rehearse and string it together.

Connecting with the guest

Website: http://www.chords2cure.org/

Ways to give: http://www.cancer.ucla.edu/donate