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EPISODE #1 Who is Ariane and What You Can Expect from the Creator Mindset Podcast

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Ariane Leanza Heinz started teaching at the age of 14: private math, latin and piano lessons and later finished her music BA at the conservatory of music in Geneva and was hired right after her studies at the Music Conservatory as the youngest teacher in the faculty.

After running a successful music studio for a few years in Geneva, She, decided to see new horizons. She needed a challenge. So, she took a few suitcases, her savings, quit her job and moved to New York City on a student visa.

In the 5 years that followed, she studied with Céline Dion’s vocal coach, built a successful musical practice in the city, got married, had 2 of her 3 girls, had fun in the studio with recording artists, organized concerts and guided young artists on their career.

She got the green card for exceptional talent in a few months and she could have stayed in the US forever, but she loved Switzerland and with her husband they decided to move back in 2010.

In the last few years, she has had the honour of accompanying beautiful artists like Mélanie René, Mané, Bastian Baker, Scott Irribarra, Al Pride, Arika Kane and many more on their path. She currently works with companies like TEDx Zürich, CNN Money Switzerland and Disney Research Zurich to help professionals, speakers and TV anchors optimize their breathing and get voice clarity for their message to reach the heart of the audience.

What she shares on this episode

With the creator mindset podcast, Ariane creates a community of artists, where people can come to find answers and inspiration to move forward in pursuit of their dreams. It is a collection of solo episodes, interviews and coaching or singing on air. These episodes are created give you valuable content, to motivate you to take action and live from your art.

We all have obstacles along the way. They could be in the form of a person, handicap, circumstance or even an impression that we are not good enough. They make us want to run away and hide who we are and our voice.

Nonetheless, Every cloud has a silver lining they say and the choice lies in our hands. Our choices define us and not our obstacles. You can scream kick and resist and make yourself small or look for the best in the midst of your circumstance and pick yourself and keep going.

In this episode Ariane shares her life with us. A story that is sure to inspire us as artists that when we have our goal in mind, there are no excuses.

On this episode of the creator mindset podcast

  • Who is Ariane Leanza Heinz and why she started the creator mindset podcast.

Key takeaways from this episode

Listed below are a few questions you could reflect on before you take the leap of faith as an artist and take your first step towards action.

  • Are you letting the events that happened in your life shape you?
  • Our choices make us who we are, what choices are you making?
  • Are you letting your obstacles stop you from realising your dreams?