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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”… the month of December is for me a time for the family, the friends, to rejoice together. I can feel it because of the candles appearing in the windows, the decorations in the streets, the children laughing, the chestnuts grilling, the Glühwein and the days becoming shorter.

It is the time to gather around the chimney and sing along.

It is the time to take time with our loved ones.

Is it the taste of the cinnamon, the smell of cookies backing or the cold air announcing the snow? Maybe it is the mix of all that makes my heart sing.

The time in December is for me precious and unique. And that is why, when the Culture Commission and the Town of Widen asked me to organize a concert to celebrate it, I was thrilled. I hope to create a warm, welcoming and rejoicing atmosphere by just being together, smiling and singing.

The Gemeinde Widen and KuKo invite you to join us for a Christmas Concert of traditional and modern songs sang by Ariane Leanza Heinz’s Choir. It is a free, informal event, with a taste of Christmas.

December 16 2015, in the Gemeinde Widen, Bremgarterstr. 1 at 18:30

Looking forward to see you there,


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