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How surrendering might just get you what you want…

A little story here…

15 years ago I left Geneva, Switzerland, to move to NY City, without knowing english. I took my suitcases, and embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. I wanted to be a performer. In the city, I studied with the best teachers, I performed, then I coached people on doing the same, I organised concerts and created success with the artists I worked (and work) with. I had 3 daughters in the mid-time, moved back to Switzerland 5 years ago, but on the German side (another language I learned), and about a year ago I joined a French speaking Mom of Zürich Group on Facebook.

Some of the Moms saw I was a music teacher and asked me to teach one hour at the French School in Zürich, I was not thrilled, because it was taking me long to get there, for just an hour of work, but I surrendered to this opportunity and did it.

I was surprised to realise that I felt at home in the French School and I taught there joyfully for a few months. Suddenly I was thinking “wow, I love teaching in my mother tongue!!” finally after so long (almost 15 years) I am teaching kids who have the same mother tongue as I do! That was last year and than the class ended, but I kept a few private singing students from that class. And about 2-3 weeks ago one of them told me I should apply for the music teacher position at the school. Another friend who is teaching there, encouraged me to apply spontaneously, which I did.  Two days after posting my letter, I got a call from the director, because the music teacher needed a substitute for the next 2 weeks and hired me for the following 2 weeks.
I am blown away at how things are taking place, I started a gratitude challenge at the beginning of the Summer, I have been creating free content and giving weekly webinars and I have been creating an abundance program for my subscribers. All those things I truly love doing. The consequences are: here comes some more love and abundance my way.
I just love how life is always surprising me with so many cool things!
We will see where does this lead, and I have no expectation. I am only grateful I can teach music in French for the next two weeks.

I think the lesson is to simply do what you love, offer what you have, don’t expect anything, surrender to what’s given to you and do the best job you can do, doing it all.


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