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What makes a concert great

Sometimes I am so thrilled to go and experience a live event, and I come out kinda…bleh!

Do you?

So what makes a concert, a party great? memorable?

Probably lots of little things, but here is my take on it:

The care of the organisers!

If you do not care about people having a memorable time, a great evening, than I do not think you are in the right business when you organise events.

Event organising is a tedious task, you got to have manager skills, creativity and caring qualities.

Ok, so what is the secret: manage the experience of your guests from A to Z. Imagine…

  1. When they arrive in their car or with public transportation or by feet:

“What will they see?”  “What will they experience?”

“Is there easy access to the place?””Are there welcoming hosts?”

2. From their transportation to the event’s place:

“How is the atmosphere?” “Can you already decorate the way in with something that is relevant for your theme?”

“Can you already play music?” “Can you give them their badge or check their tickets already?”

3. When they come in:

“Who will they see first?” “Will merchandising be right there or a little further?”

“Can some pictures of the entertainment be put up?”

4. When they walk in:

“Will they be able to access the toilet easily?” “Where will it be indicated?” “Are there hosts to help your guests?”

“How will the hosts talk to the guests?” “Will you give your guests a little gift, maybe from the sponsors?”

“Will there be refreshments, food, drinks?” “And what kind of food or drinks do you want to stand for?”

Remember that what you sell is what you stand by & for.

5. When they want to find their seats:

“How easily can they find their seats?” “What will there be on their way to their seats?” “How will they be helped?” “Will there be any entertainment?” “Will there be some 1st part of the show?”

Once you have chosen a theme for you event, decide on how the experience of your guests will be, decide on what they will be experiencing the whole way into the event.

As of merchandising and all the things you will sell or give, choose them well, choose companies you believe in, which you are happy to support.

I know it is easy to think only about money and profit, but I know that if you create something that matches your integrity you are in for the long run!

Create memorable events, where people feel treated like royalty, because they are!

And tell me about them.

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