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What do you watch?

I am studying all the time. I study first my own process, I watch videos, I look what successful people are doing.

I never stop learning and I believe it is why I never get bored of working. I find it always fascinating to explore, understand and grow.

Today I started a course which I believe will be of great use for my businesses (the personalized jewelry, the singing classes, the webinars I give).

The course is called:

Product Marketing Breakthrough

and I sure will follow all the steps and give it my whole to get the benefits of my money!

Here is the link for the ones who are in a product business:


On the first sheet Andreea Ayers, creator of the programm, recommends a TED talk, which I just watched and found really inspiring. It is about how a few leader think, lead and what makes them different from the rest of us.

I decided today, I’ll follow that teaching, let’s see where it will lead me!



How do you learn?

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