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Resistance appears in many forms…

I call resistance all the excuses, diseases, distractions, non-professionalism behaviours which come in between you and your art.

Your art can be your writing, your singing, your dancing, your sculpting or jewellery making, or only creating content for your blog, working out or film making. I mean your art is your life, what you do for a living. It can also be teaching or taking care of the health of other beings. You get the picture.

My favourite excuse is “I can’t do everything perfectly.” or “I have so much on my plate.”

I think we all have our favourite ones. What’s yours?

Write it down.

Write it down, I’m serious 🙂

And then say, that’s the past, now I commit to my work. I am done with using that excuse for good!

Commit to your art, to your gift, to your purpose.

Ok, let’s be even clearer, I’ll make a list of the non-committed creator to the committed creator.

The Non-Committed Creator:

  • does his/her work when he wants
  • does not show up every day
  • does not work on its art every day
  • finds excuses
  • thinks his/her appearance can lack care just because his/her is an artist
  • does complain
  • doubts and lingers in the doubts
  • has low energy
  • has a 2nd plan beside his/her work…etc.

The Committed-Creator:

  • show up every day
  • show up on time
  • has ups and downs but knows he/she has to go through them
  • doubts but knows to let go of them
  • knows his/her work is more important than himself/herself
  • cares about his/her body
  • does what it takes to makes things happen
  • surrenders to the work of art his/her is doing  etc.

If you are not familiar with the term resistance, amateur vs professional, I would advice you read :

The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.

It is worth the read!

have a beautiful week and let go of that resistance


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