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How was your summer?

When I was a kid and til this day, I was always so much looking forward to the long summer vacation. It had the feel of freedom. Every summer we would go to Genève Plage, a swimming pool facility on the lake of Geneva. My Mum would prepare food in the morning and we would take the public transportation for about 45 minutes, arrive, install and get in the water. It was fun and relaxing.

Summer have changed for me, they don’t have that neverending flavor anymore, but they have a sense of farniente which is for me essential. This summer we went to Turkey with my family, we enjoyed the sun, the heat and sea.
This coming Monday August 10 we all go back to school and work with renewed energy.

Something came up on March this year that I find fascinating and a bit scary, it’s periscope. Did you hear about it?
I did a couple of scope from the beach in Turkey, it’s amazing to be able to connect from wherever in the world with strangers of the 5 continents.
As of next week, I will share content on Periscope, so if you do not have yet the app, download it, it’s ….kindda wow!
You can find me there under: @arianestudio

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