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Here is a little trick on how to be organised

I have done this for years and did not even know it was what kept me on track.

Organisation is a big subject, without it we can’t function, things can be quite frantic when you are a Mom, Entrepreneur, Teacher etc.

But I kept doing this, and I did it since I can remember.

Very simple really:

every evening, I would write down everything that need to be done in the next day

Ok, seems too easy?

Try this for a few days, each evening a little before going to bed

  1. Check your calendar and your appointments
  2. Make a list of the tasks you’d like to have done that day (don’t put too many, don’t create frustration or resistance for yourself)
  3. Put the tasks to be done in your schedule, schedule them, and do them until they are done, finished!

Try this for a few days and let me know how this goes!

Have a productive and fun day


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