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Being a Mum!

I watch Peppa Pig with my last born, talk make-up with my eldest and youtuber stars with my middle one. I’m an organizer, an event manager, a chauffeur, a cook, a coach, a listener, a story teller, a fixer, a healer, a nurse, a network specialist, a teacher…maybe you recognize some of the roles you take on yourself?

As Mums the job never ends, and one day a year we celebrate it.

Most of the time we receive flowers, beautiful! Or the crafts that our children made in school and bring with so much pride, I love it!

If we are lucky, we get a nice meal at the restaurant, cool one day off from cooking !!

For all the amazing mothers I make meaningful beautiful unique jewelry: symbol of the eternal love in between a parent and her child/ren.

And what if we could always have a caring loving relationship with our Moms?

Here is a little trick:

Try being the person you’d like your Mom to be.

Now an easy action to take:

  • Choose 1, 2 or 3 Moms in your life

  • Write them a nice letter, fill it with awesome facts about them, write at least 5 things you like about them, be real, be honest, and be kind!

If you are a Mom, let me acknowledge you for all the work you do. For the care you give your children, for the time you spend everyday in service to another being. You are awesome beautiful and amazing.

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