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Transforming 45 years on earth into 45 days of Gratitude

It still happens…I sometimes feel pity for myself and think I did not achieve what I was meant to. Do you feel that way sometimes?

When I go down that path, I doubt my past choices, I feel sad, I regret. I obviously do not like it, but still it happens. So about a month ago, after a couple of hours feeling sorry for myself, I looked back and I decided to shift it for good.

I gave myself a challenge.

And it had to be a little hard.

Gratitude… I decided to go on a trip of 45 days of gratitude, filming each day a little movie describing what I was grateful for and posting it on Facebook.

I do not particularly like to be on camera and I do not feel I am so good at talking to virtual friends, so that was a good enough challenge. (A challenge is meant to bring you out of your comfort zone).

Since I started the process, old friends resurfaced, people I cherished who I lost touch with. Opportunities arise and most important I feel grace for everything I do.

For example, I received a free massage chair from a neighbour, exactly when I thought I really needed to do something about my chronic back pains. What a difference this gift makes! I go on the chair and work at the same time, so I do something good for my body and get some work done 🙂 I will post videos until day 45, and I will continue to practice gratitude deliberately each day of my life!

It is funny how we know it in our mind, but the difference comes only when we practice, any kind spiritual “habit” will bring you to vibrate higher. So let’s practice!

Here are a couple of the videos (which you’ll find also on youtube or on my fb page).

much love


And if you want to watch the series you can go on


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What are your practices and how do you stay positive? Write to me directly or comment below

Much love, Ariane

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