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Perfectly Cast: Body Love!

A few weeks ago, I met Charlotte Pingriff online, she offers a service I had never heard off. She provides body casting and a meaningful process along the way.

Here is about her:

What’s the purpose of your business?

I provide a body casting service, primarily to ladies, which enables them to express how proud they are of their body, or to help them come to terms with a life changing event, or trauma, such as scarring from an operation, cancer, or emotional trauma.  The aim is to create a beautiful sculpture of the selected area of the body, to allow the client to capture their beauty and, in the case if the more therapeutic casting, to turn a negative into a positive. I also offer a free newsletter, The Quirky Beauty Brigade, giving a weekly dose of girly stuff, such as make-up tutorials, interviews and articles, and, finally, I offer a range of quirky handmade gift items.

What value do you bring your clients?

I help ladies to embrace their quirks, and be proud of their body. As mentioned in my answer to question 1, I also offer a more therapeutic angle, for ladies who’ve suffered some sort of trauma, such as cancer.  Ladies can feel very alone, especially after the initial trauma/life event has passed…I want to help them to get through that time, and reframe negative feelings about their body. I also offer down to earth support, and inspiration, through my newsletter and handmade gifts.  Plus I’m currently writing a book, incorporating the themes of positive body image, in my quirky, creative style – I’m a busy lady!

What are your core values?

No fluff inspiration, VIP treatment for all clients, and to cultivate the message that our quirks make us beautiful, and that we should all be proud of our bodies, and of who we are!

Who do you admire?

Marie Forleo – she encompasses everything that I stand for! She’s quirky, determined, heart centered and ballsy. She has long  been my business idol, and I feel like we are kindred spirits in so many ways!

Tell me a story, how did you start it all, how you came about what you are doing today?

I’ve always been creative and, after a creative start to my working life, working as a make-up artist and prop maker for film, TV and media, circumstance saw me in a string of office jobs, very much feeling like a square peg in a round hole. Then I was made redundant, in 2012, and jumped at the chance to take this boot up the backside, and set up my business! Body casting was an aspect of my training that I loved, and I’m passionate about working with people, and helping women to feel beautiful, and proud of their body. So Perfectly Cast was born!

What inspires you?

So many things! I have multiple passions, multiple inspirations and a very busy mind! But to name a few – making people happy, anything to do with positive body image, anything whimsical and quirky, fairytales, miniature crafts, sparkly things, vintage references, birds, butterflies, stags, wine, 80’s music…I could go on! You were warned, hehe. I’m eclectic, to say the least!

Where are you from? Do you work online or offline?

I’m based in the UK, Worcester to be exact – home of the famous Worcester Sauce, the original factory is just down the road from my house! I work offline for my body casting, but online for all the other bits of my business – so, both!

If you wish to get it touch with Charlotte:

Website – www.perfectlycast.co.uk

E-mail – perfectlycast@ymail.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/PerfectlyCast

Twitter – @Perfectly_Cast

Do something nice for your body today!

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