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How to create a highly successful path!

If you know me just a little, then you know my path is far from straight forward.

When I was 20 months old, I was diagnosed with both hips dysplasia. So at the age of world-discovery, at the age of running around freely, not being aware of the dangers, I was hospitalized and litteraly tight to a bed. My parents were hoping the treatment would work and that I could a few months later, catch up with everyone, run and play normally with the other kids. That did not happen.

What happened though, is quite interesting.

What does a child who is attached to a bed all day? When in her genetics it is written: run, play, discover. Well it finds other ways of expression…

So I did express myself with my voice.

I learned how to speak in record time, I was communicating very clearly with my entourage, visiting me at the hospital and every morning the nurses would open my door’s room to hear me sing.

So instead of discovering the world with movements, I did it with my vocal, language and singing skills. I communicated my emotions and connected with people coming to my bed quickly and clearly.

My path is not straight forward, like none is.

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