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How I became who I am

Singing is healthy
It improves circulation, breathing capacity and your mood!

Singing daily for at least ten minutes reduces stress, clears sinuses, can improve your posture and even help you live longer.

As I spend daily a good amount of time with my little 17months girl, I notice how it is natural for us human to dance, sing and move.

As I started telling you my story last week, when I was 20 months I was diagnosed with both hips dysplasia. The doctors advised my parents to immediately start the treatments, and for 6 months, at an age where toddlers discover the world, I was tight to a bed. 6 months of no movement. My world shrank to the ones who were kind enough to come visit me.

My brother, only a year older, had to go live for a month at my Gran-Ma, because he was not allowed to come in the hospital; we were best friends, so we were both really sad.

My parents did their best coping with the separation each evening, after a few hours of their visit.

But what happened still amazes me:
In the morning, the nurses would open my room’s door because I was singing. I was singing. I was not even 2, tight to a bed, away from my family, but I was singing. I kept my inner joy and strength and sang for the other kids who had far worst health conditions than I had.

I also talked a lot, whenever someone would come near my bed. My vocabulary and ability to communicate increased at speedy race, and by the time I got out I was speaking like a 5 year old.

I have a couple of memories from that time, but I mostly remember the feeling of being eager to communicate and in contact with people.

In those 6 months I lost some muscles, my ability to walk (which I re-gained in the few months after I left the hospital), and I lost the secure feeling that nothing bad can happen, but I gained language skills, communication skills and the conviction that whenever you sing everything will be all right!

I would love to know why you sing, or what made you a communicator. Comment below!

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Love, Light

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