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Embarassed to death?

Have you ever been embarassed to death?
I have many times!
I was just telling one of my students this morning about it. She was singing and felt embarassed to hear her own voice, well that happens and it is a good sign! It tells me she is growing, she is doing something out of her comfort zone and that’s really courageous!

I moved in the 2000 to New York city to study with William Riley, professor of Céline Dion, it was a big deal, a crazy move, a big change and an amazing experience.

I lived for 10 years in the USA and learned so much about performance, music, recording and passion.
Without this bold move, I would not be the person I am today.

Nowadays, I make jewellery, I teach private singing lessons, I coach artists on their career, direct little choirs, and organize concerts.
With my students on July 1st 2015 we will perform a Fun Concert! (In KiBiZi, Bellikonerstr. 210, 8967 Widen at 18.00).
There will be singers from the age of 6 til 18 singing hits songs together, in solo and me directing it all…I know already that I will feel embarassed speaking German, but I will do it and grow from it …hopefully 🙂

If you are in the area, please come see us, encourage the singers, and clap loud!
A concert is a little bit like a wedding you prepare hours, weeks, months for just one event. So let’s come together and celebrate their hard work.
If you are not in Switzerland, then know that I’ll be filming the concert & I’ll post a few videos soon.
Have you ever stepped out of your comfort zone and felt embarassed?
Comment below, I sincerely would like to know.

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