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Strong Voice Week

Strong Voice Week!

A few years ago, as I was teaching lots of hours and singing at night, my voice got tired and I lost it.

I reeducated it, and learned so many tips along the way, that is what I am sharing with you in my Free Cheat Sheet.

Yes, I’d like my Free Cheat Sheet now! 

This week I’ll share a few other of my tips here: What are your tips, to keep healthy?

1. I travel quite a lot, for work, for conferences and for pleasure. My husband loves traveling, it is one of our favourite thing to do. Our girls are easy traveler, and love it too.

The downside of taking the plane is the AC blasting. As a speaker, teacher or singer, you got to protect your voice with a scarf and drink lots of water during the plane ride. So next time you travel, take a scarf, and buy a big bottle of water when you are at the gate. Do you like traveling? Where to? Our last trip was to Venice, and the next will be to Turkey.

2. Exercising regularly to get those toxins out, to energise our body and to keep it at its best is an act of love!

I watch work out videos on youtube. Cardio, Fat Burning, Yoga, I personally need variety, I can’t do the same thing over and over again. What do you do? How do you work out? and are you perseverant enough? I sometimes fall out of my routine…I must admit. But I do not like it, and I get back on track fast! 🙂

3. I feel Vocal Technique should be taught in School.

Sometimes, I wonder why school time could not be used to learn so many more useful things, like

“how to decide what I really want” “learn how organise myself” “self love and compassion”

what do you think? Here is another tip to treat your voice with love, stop eating 4 hours before going to bed. You’ll sleep & digest better.  

4. Everything we do, we think, we feel has an impact on our body.


Manage your thoughts, master your mind and you will be energised.

What did you learn this week, what insights did you gain? And what would you like to better in your life? Comment below, let me know your thoughts! have a great week end Ariane


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