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How does your voice influence your interactions?

How does your voice influence your career and relationships?

Ariane guides you to discover your voice while working on your breath, body and confidence.

Improve your Posture

Breath work (improves COVID-19 or Asthma consequences)

Work on Repertoire

Understand Yourself

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Passionate about the voice and the human nature she started teaching at the age of 14. She studied pedagogy, music and piano at the Conservatory of Music in Geneva and was hired immediately after her studies at the Music Conservatory as the youngest teacher in the faculty.

After running a successful music studio for a few years in Geneva, she decided to take a leap of faith and moved to New York City on a student visa.

After 5 years in the US, she worked with Céline Dion’s vocal coach and built a successful musical practice in the city. She enjoyed working in the studio with recording artists. She also organized concerts and guided young artists in their career.

Ariane creates a community of artists, where people can come to find answers and inspiration to move forward in pursuit of their dreams. It is a collection of solo episodes, interviews and coaching or singing on air. These episodes are created give you valuable content, to motivate you to take action and live from your art.

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Our voices reflect who we are, our emotions, and our level of self-confidence. They communicate much more than just words. They show our insecurities and expectations. When our breathing becomes shallow, we can lose opportunities to connect and present ourselves at our best. Our voices affect all of our relationships, both personal and professional.

By mastering the breath, activating the resonators in our faces and improving our voices, we can feel more confident on the inside, which reflects on the outside. Our relationships improve and opportunities present themselves because we are more confident in our ability to transmit our message. It’s important to get the message we want across. Our voices are a reflection of who we are, so mastering them improves our whole life.